Schreib uns!

James Lind ist neu im Lande und natürlich super neugierig wie Dir die vier Sorten gefallen. Er freut sich auf Post und antwortet Dir so schnell er kann. Spätestens in 24 Stunden....


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Our four flavours

We love mint! In combination with orriginal japanese green tea matcha it offers a unique flavour expreience, fresh and intensiv-herb. Please shake well!! Matcha is used as an original leaf-powder, which can be found as deposit at the bottom of the bottle. However, that is an expression of genuine matcha quality.

Wonderfully refreshing lemon meets ginger juice and mate tea - seldomly lemon and ginger were as tasty as in our tea. Aromatic, slightly smoky, with a hint of caffeine. For all that like it herbal and fruity!

Intensive peach flavour combined with Mate! A new interpretation of the ICE tea classic. Aromatic with a caffeine twist!

A really fruity experience on the tongue! Sweet raspberry and refreshing hibiscus combined to a great flavour experience!  

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