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James Lind Vitamintea

250 years after the his discovery of vitamins by Doctor James Lind, we dedicate him an irresistible VITAMINTEA in four great flavours! Sweetned with apple sweetness instead of sugar and enriched with 9 important vitamins!


The vitamins helped many sailors to ship around the world healthy and happy. And the same way Doctor James Lind brought the Vitamins at the time, James Lind Vitamintea will support you through the day.  Why? Because the content of this bottle covers around 2/3 of the daily Vitamins contained in each bottle


No compromise was made during the James Lind Vitamintea recipe development. So that you can refresh yourself as much as you want, we have chosen to sweeten with apple juice- and even here we only sweetened the absolute necessary. This way keeping calories down.


And since we belive that tasty and variatety do complement each other greatly, we developed four flavors of James Lind right away:

- Matcha + Mint

- Mate + Ginger + Lemon 

- Mate + Peach

- Hibiscus + Raspberry


You are only one click away of seeing our vitamins in its whole beauty!